Jola partners have the option of ordering hardware on a DaaS (Device as a Service) model. Robustel and TPLink routers, plus Grandstream ATAs and ISDN-TAs, can all be taken as DaaS.

The DaaS OpEx model has many benefits over CapEx purchase, not least for cash flow in a business, and can be used in multiple scenarios. For example, the PSTN switch off is a massive opportunity and Jola DaaS hardware, in combination with Jola SIM cards/SIP services, can replace the monthly PSTN subscription service with a compelling, cost-effective rental solution.

DaaS can also be used for temporary locations, pre-ethernet connectivity, events, moving house, troubleshoot network connectivity, etc.

Customers also have the option to upgrade their hardware on DaaS.  Examples of when this might be useful include:

  • Sites that take a 4G router but then LTE-A or 5G becomes available
  • Locations that take a Grandstream ATA which then expand and need a model with additional ports

Multiple minimum contract terms available: 12 or 24 months

Key Benefits

  • Turns CapEx in to OpEx
  • Advanced replacement with free returns for faulty routers
  • Hardware upgrade option
  • Easy to productise
  • Out of the box PSTN replacement
  • Place orders via the Mobile Manager platform
  • Multiple minimum terms

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