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Jola is an award-winning, channel-only supplier of communications, specialising in data SIMs for IoT, M2M and mobile broadband. Besides traditional resellers and dealers, we service IT VARs, MSPs and IoT specialists, trusted by their customers to deliver and support solutions. We have adapted our approach to address the particular needs of each channel, providing customised services and support.




Voice and data and data-only M2M SIMs from all the major carriers. Our SIMs have a unique management portal called Mobile Manager, where estates of SIMs, in a range of devices, can be monitored and managed all over the world. We offer bolt-ons and pooled data options to help partners manage usage and avoid data overage charges.


Broadsoft hosted telephony packages which include 45 Premium features as standard, with cost effective bolt-ons and the latest handsets from multiple manufacturers.


SIP trunks, telephone lines and ISDN. We have a unique management portal for managing SIP Channels called SIP Manager.


Internet connectivity from all the major carriers. Partners have access to all available products and costs from multiple suppliers in minutes and can create professional proposals for end users to click-to-order.

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