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JolaCalls is our range of Direct Routing, SIP trunks, telephone lines, ISDN, SIP and PSTN calls.

Telephone Lines

We offer Standard, Standard Plus and Premium telephone lines for making traditional phone calls and to run broadband connections such as ADSL2+ and Fibre Broadband.

Standard comes with Service Level One which provides a response before the end of the next working day + one working day, Monday – Fridays (excluding Bank Holidays) 0800-1800.Standard Plus comes with Service Level Two which provides a response by the end of the next working day, Monday – Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays) 0800-1800. This is the minimum Care Level we recommend for businesses.Premium lines offer the same Service level as Standard Plus but also have RCF (Remote Call Forwarding) and the option to book a specific time for installation rather than just am or pm.

The benefits of our telephone lines

  • Dedicated line to run a broadband connection
  • Long established technology with excellent support for telephony
  • Service remains active even in a power outage
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Excellent support


ISDN channels are for connecting traditional on-premise telephone systems to the PSTN when broadband is not available.

The benefits of ISDN

  • Digital technology which can operate multiple channels concurrently
  • Fast connection
  • Supports multiple devices such as computers, tills, credit card readers etc.
  • Established technology with good support

PSTN and SIP call charges

We offer competitive per minute rates for calls out-of-bundle, charged by the second over PSTN and SIP.

The benefits of PSTN and SIP call charges

  • Make big savings on your call costs in the UK and internationally
  • Works alongside your existing phone system

Auxiliary services

Jola offers all the auxiliary services of a Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) supplier contact us to discuss requirements.

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