Low cost 4G data multi-network SIMs have solved the affordable reliability conundrum that retailers have faced for years. Broadband connections unusable for days with no compensation or Ethernet circuits for ten times the price, and still no guarantee of 100% uptime. A second fixed line is expensive and offers little comfort because it uses shared infrastructure. If you were climbing a rock face you wouldn’t attach your second rope to the same piton. Multi-network SIMs further improve SLAs and negate the need for expensive site surveys, whilst Private APN options steer traffic away from the public internet, considerably improving security.


Retailers are not always sure which network is best in each location, when the 4G back-up will be needed and how much data they will use. Sending survey engineers to site to establish the strongest signal is a timely and expensive exercise. In addition, they regularly receive high data overage bills, which can be tens of thousands of pounds a month. When a service fails they often won’t know if it’s the network or the device and are forced to send an engineer to site.

Managed Service Providers are experienced at designing, rolling out and managing solutions, however have struggled with the 4G element, managing multiple in-country suppliers, with multiple manual ordering processes and a lack of visibility across the SIM estate. They have had no direct control over SIM assets and no way to aggregate data usage across countries.

Jola’s solution

Jola provides a range of data-only SIM packages including multi-network roaming SIMs with pooled data options. Partners only need to contract with one supplier. They have access to an automated management portal and complete visibility and control over their entire SIM estate.

They don’t need to survey each site to establish the best signal. Our multi-network SIMs are un-steered and connect to the strongest available signal in the EU. Having all the networks isolates issues to the device rather than the network, often cutting support costs in half.

Partners are able to order new SIMs and pools, add SIMs to pools, set up alerts and monitor the pool. If any site fails, they have a data pool to draw from and a buffer.

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