We allow partners to send and receive SMS (Text Messages) via our API or directly from within our SIP Manager portal. Single or multiple messages can be sent using the bulk send feature while utilising several custom variables for individual messages. Check in real-time for delivery confirmation or rejection.

The Benefits of JolaCalls SMS

  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Managed via API or portal
  • Use our bulk upload wizard to make uploading data easy
  • Send from Virtual Mobile Numbers to receive a reply
  • Over 50 countries supported

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Virtual Mobile Numbers allow you to have a real mobile number, but receive calls and SMS back into our platform. We deliver calls to your SIP Trunks, or forward them on to other numbers. Text Messages can be delivered to your systems using our API or via Email.

The benefits of Virtual Mobile Numbers

  • Receive inbound calls and SMS
  • Managed within our fully automated platform – SIP Manager
  • Port in existing mobile numbers

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