SIP Trunks

Jola offers SIP trunks as an alternative to standard telephone lines and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) lines, which are being phased out. SIP Trunks run over an internet connection. QoS (Quality of Service) will normally be applied both upstream and downstream to protect time-sensitive voice packets. Our SIP Trunks can be used to connect on-premises equipment and cloud-hosted phone systems to the PSTN network. We offer options for bundled or wholesale call pricing. Our bundles include UK landline and UK mobile calls on 1-month and 12-month contracts.

The benefits of SIP Trunks

  • Cost-effective, scalable and resilient SIP Trunks
  • Wholesale and bundle pricing available
  • UK and International breakout supported
  • Industry leading Fraud Protection
  • Real-Time call information
  • Easily accessible call recordings
  • Automated provisioning and management via our online portal and APIs


High Availability SIP (HA SIP) is a SIP trunk with two SIP Gateways, in geographically disparate regions, connected to one or more customer (CPE) endpoints. Our HA SIP Trunks offer high availability and come with failover support. They can also support multiple IP addresses.

The benefits of HA SIP

  • HA SIP Trunks offer a higher level of availability as they are hosted in two separate locations and if one site went down the other would manage the traffic
  • Cost-effective enterprise grade solution
  • Works with multiple customer IP Addresses supporting both fixed and mobile connectivity solutions

International Numbering & Two-Way Calling

JolaCalls has multiple international number products. Inbound Only Numbering is available in 160+ countries. Two-way calling solutions are also available which include local break-out and emergency services calling. Our automated ordering process helps partners meet required regulations.

The benefits of International Numbering & Two-Way Calling

  • Global in-bound coverage offers partners a wide range of options
  • In-country Caller-ID presentation so callers can see the full number calling
  • International porting so users can port in their existing number
  • Emergency services access in each country where available
  • Geo, Non-GEO and Toll-free numbers available for marketing purposes
  • Wholesale and bundle pricing available giving you the flexibility to price to the market

Region Zoned SIP Channels

Region Zoned SIP Channels offer customers the ability to acquire two-way numbers without incurring per-minute inbound costs. Instead, customers purchase the required number of channels based on their desired maximum concurrent calls on a SIP trunk*. These channels are associated with specific zones, which include multiple countries, eliminating the need to purchase channels for each individual country. Partners can easily order a SIP trunk with the necessary zoned channels through SIP Manager.

The benefits of Region Zoned SIP Channels

  • Cost savings by eliminating the need to buy specific quantities of channels per country
  • Fixed cost compared to pay-per-minute charges
  • Improve international presence with local numbers while aggregating channels across multiple countries
  • Simplified billing

* A SIP trunk can only have a single zone.

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