Jola launches EE Unlimited Fixed IP SIMs

Fixed IP SIMs have been available on a wholesale model via Jola for many years. They are typically used for CCTV cameras, alarm systems, sensors, Point-of-Sale systems, mobile broadband and fixed line broadband back-up which need stable fixed IP addresses. Many of these applications typically use a lot of data which has driven up the cost of solutions for end users in locations where EE is the preferred network. Jola has solved this problem by adding Fixed IP EE SIMs with unlimited data to their real-time management portal, Mobile Manager.

“Our solution is unique to us as the Fixed IP address applies to the SIM card and not the router.  This means that any device with a SIM slot can now have a fixed public IP address.  We offer unlimited data so users do not have to worry about data overage charges and MSPs can monitor data usage in Mobile Manager. Our competitive pricing allows MSPs to save end users money, give them more control over their solution, and make good recurring margins. Our Fixed IP SIMs transit the Cloudflare international IP Network giving partners peace of mind with full DDoS protection.” Cherie Howlett, CMO, Jola.