Jola exceeds KPIs

One of our most important values is ‘customer first’. This is because our customers all have their own customers and when things go wrong, or their end user needs information, speed is vital.

For the first time, we are publishing some of our KPIs and whilst we think these numbers are world-class, we know we can always improve.

Financial Year 22/23 21/22 20/21 19/20 18/19
*Percentage of all calls received answered within 20 seconds 96% 97% 93% 99% 98%
*Percentage of all tickets responded to within 1 working day 97% 97% 95% 89% 98%
*Percentage of all tickets resolved within 3 working days 90% 83% 85% 85% 91%

*Professional contact centres use this methodology to measure success. You may see organisations publish average response times and this is often either down to weak management or a deliberate attempt to hide poor performance.

To explain by example. Imagine a 9-5 contact centre receiving 100 calls an hour on average. From 9-12 and 2-5 the average response time is 10 seconds but over the lunch period, inadequate cover means the average is 300 seconds. The daily average wait time is less than a minute and a half but this masks the true overall customer experience. Furthermore, if managers believe in this flawed system, customer-affecting issues are harder to identify, diagnose and fix.