Jola is the first to launch Three Business Unlimited SIMs to the Channel

Jola, the leading mobile data specialist in the channel, has teamed up with Three Business UK to develop and launch Unlimited SIMs specifically designed for resellers. Jola is offering a range of competitive Unlimited SIMs on the UK’s fastest 5G network.

There is huge demand from businesses for unlimited SIMs for mobile phones, tablets, routers and smart devices at competitive rates. Resellers have struggled to compete with Mobile Network Operators directly until now. Jola’s Three Business Unlimited SIMs combine the UK’s best 5G network with price points which allow resellers to make substantial recurring margins.

Lee Broxson, Jola’s CSO commented, “Our channel partners have been asking for competitive, unlimited SIMs for phones, tablets and routers for some time and the Three Business Unlimited SIMs meet the requirement. Being on the UK’s fastest 5G data network, with 99% UK 3G/4G coverage means they will work anywhere and will access the UK’s fastest 5G speeds at no extra cost.”