Jola’s latest DaaS offering addresses PSTN replacement need

There are millions of single-call PSTN lines in the UK that are soon to be end-of-life. Upgrading to broadband is expensive and capital costs of converters and 4G routers soon mount up.

Jola has solved this problem for resellers and their customers by providing everything they need, on one affordable monthly rental.

“We have recently added a wide range of Analogue Telephone Adapters to our PSTN Replacement Toolkit ranging from single to 48 port solutions. We also have routers with in-built ATAs as a ‘one box’ solution for those customers that only need a single line. Jola partners manage each port on their ATAs using our portal. The credentials of their SIP overlay services are auto-configured on the devices. End-users can retain their existing analogue phones and port their numbers, which is great for customers such as hotels and care homes, who don’t want to replace their handsets. Jola ATAs complement our existing portfolio with customers able to plug the ATA into an intelligent 4G router and use Jola mobile connectivity to deliver the SIP service. The Device as a Service model is becoming increasingly popular because there are no up-front costs and the device is guaranteed for the duration of the contract.”

Lee Broxson, CSO, Jola.