Jola launches a new range of PSTN replacement solutions

Telephone lines as we know them will not exist in a few years’ time. As BT start to close down telephone exchanges in favour of a 100% IP (Internet Protocol) network, millions of end users will need to consider if they need a physical connection and if they want to keep their traditional telephone number.

For many applications (e.g. lifts, ATMs, door entry systems, alarms, digital signage, street lighting) changing out a telephone line for a broadband circuit is unnecessary, expensive or impossible. A mobile broadband connection is the ideal solution for these end customers but what if they don’t want a mobile phone number and prefer to retain their traditional phone number?

Millions of new connections represent a significant opportunity for the channel and Jola has a lot of experience in helping their 1000+ partners to find and win these deals.

Furthermore, Jola is the only mobile data aggregator to also run and manage their own SIP network. Built on their experience in SIP, Mobile Data and number porting they have recently launched products specifically designed for the channel to help them take advantage of this aspect of the impending PSTN switch-off.

Adrian Sunderland said “Jola’s PSTN replacement packages are the perfect solution for MSPs, ISPs and resellers looking for a slick wholesale solution, managed end-to-end via a real-time fully API integrated portal. Millions of telephone lines will take time to migrate and we are already seeing massive projects kicking off as companies wake up to the challenges and choices ahead. This is a great opportunity for Jola partners to become first-mover experts in what is going to be the hottest sector in telecommunications over the next few years.”