Jola rewards staff with a generous EMI share scheme

Ambitious channel companies are always looking to recruit, develop and retain talented employees to help them grow. Statistics show that highly engaged and rewarded staff are more productive. Satisfied employees tend to be more loyal to the company and deliver higher levels of customer service.

Jola certainly thinks so, as they recently rolled out a very generous EMI scheme which is planned to deliver six figure pay-outs to their most loyal and high-performing employees. Jola’s EMI scheme grants share options to every employee. Jola employees are allotted a number of shares that they can buy and at the next transaction Jola employees will benefit from the increase they have created in the value of the business.

Andrew Dickinson, CEO commented, “We ran a similar scheme at Griffin and it was very successful. Each member of the team has a part to play in the growth of the company. They all have individual KPIs which contribute to the success of the business. We hold monthly meetings so every member of the team can see where we are against the growth target we are all working to. We have some brilliant talent within the business and it is important to us to reward everyone who works in Jola.”