Jola is a Gold Sponsor at Comms Vision 21

Comms Vision was launched in 2006 by Comms Dealer Magazine and is held at Gleneagles in November. Jola is a Gold Sponsor hosting board room sessions highlighting the mobile data opportunity.

M2M and IoT is not as difficult to get into as you may think. Your customers are working on mobile data projects right now and demand is predicted to increase dramatically over the next few years. If you get this right, you will quickly generate high margin recurring revenue and, due to higher EBITDA multiples for IoT/M2M, increase the value of your company. Your mobile data partner will need to give you the tools to win these deals, usually competing with the direct sales arms of the mobile networks. Your supplier will need to be an aggregator with access to all the networks and ideally they will also be an independent MVNO. Providing access to all the UK mobile networks and hundreds of operators globally. Most importantly everything must be automated, with real-time APIs offering zero-touch provisioning and management through a single self-service portal. They will need to be innovative, with a constant stream of relevant mobile data and IoT products that the networks would take years to develop and launch. Mobile data is easy to sell, support and bill, when you partner with the right channel supplier.

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