Jola shortlisted for Cloud Vendor of the Year award

Jola was shortlisted for the prestigious Cloud Vendor of the Year award at the European IT & Software Awards 20/21, taking place on Tuesday 19th October in London. Jola was shortlisted alongside AWS, Google, Microsoft and Oracle for this prestigious award.

‘It is fantastic to be listed in such good company in the Cloud Vendor category. We are very innovative in our approach to mobile data and have developed solutions such as Intelligent 4G Routers for Digital Signage which are plug-and-play and preconfigured with our security settings to prevent hackers accessing the screens. We have an automated, cloud-hosted portal which allows partners to see how much data they are using in any device globally and avoid bill shock. We are delighted to have been shortlisted for this award.’  Cherie Howlett CMO.

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