Jola launches Intelligent 5G Routers 

Jola launches new, affordable, intelligent 5G routers to the channel. It’s the first of its kind to support global 5G, 4G and 3G bands in a single compact box, managed within a channel portal. It enables rapid deployment of high-speed mobile data applications in diverse vertical markets. Reseller prices start at around £500.

Jola partners can order the new router from Mobile Manager with a choice of 5G SIM options. Each device will arrive with the Jola app installed, allowing auto-configuration. As with all other models of router we supply, the Jola app means that the router is auto-configured saving our Partners time and money.

‘Our new Intelligent 5G routers have the e-Mark meaning Partners can create super-fast, reliable, smart solutions in buses, trains and coaches.  Primary and failover solutions can be designed for digital signage and POS systems in shops, carparks and offices. Jola partners can manage connected devices as well as estates of SIMs within our real-time portal Mobile Manager. The devices are reliable, cost-effective and easy to manage. Our partners are winning more bids in both 5G enabled and 4G enabled areas as they are saving customers thousands on site surveys and engineers.’  Adrian Sunderland CTO.

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