Roaming data just got cheaper

It can be difficult to avoid data overage charges with roaming data SIMs that use multiple networks at home and abroad. Jola launches their lowest ever pricing for roaming SIMs in the UK, EU and USA, all managed in their fully automated portal Mobile Manager.

Jola partners rolling out roaming SIMs in smart devices benefit from unsteered, reliable 4G connectivity across all four mobile operators in the UK as well as multiple networks internationally. Pooled data solutions are available to negate bill shock from monthly data overages and SIMs are monitored in each location.

Lee Broxson, CSO, commented, ‘This is the lowest pricing we have ever launched for roaming SIMs. Our partners have one supplier to deal with and gain complete control over their roaming data usage. Whatever the application or vertical market, Mobile Manager monitors data usage on each SIM and controls how data is consumed globally. By utilising multinetwork SIMs, MSPs have the resilience they need for complex solutions and happy customers.’

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