Jola offers flexible working to all employees

During lock-down we got used to a different way of working. We were forced to isolate and adapt to a new way of working. In the channel we already had the technology and a ‘work-from-anywhere’ ethos, but as many companies prepare to return to the office, the Jola team are making flexible working part of their benefits package.

Andrew Dickinson, Jola CEO, commented, ‘Like many channel companies, we found the transition to working remotely an easy one. We were still able to answer 90% calls within 20 seconds and reply to tickets within one working day. Productivity went through the roof in our sales team, who were able to book back-to-back meetings online without the need to plan in travel time. Partners were happy to be trained online and the company benefitted from a reduction in expenses. As the restrictions ease, it makes sense for some teams to return to the office to train and coach new starters and for others to remain working from home to develop new products without interruption. For the Jola team it makes sense to offer flexible working to ensure a safe and productive workforce to support our future growth.”

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