Jola retains 95% partner approval rating

In a recent partner satisfaction survey, Jola scored a Net Promoter Score of 56, which categorises the company as ‘great’, with 42% of Jola partners giving them 10/10 and 83% scoring them 8 or higher. In the comments section, Jola partners praised their products, pricing, portals and service. However, as the company scored 61 in last year’s survey, management delved deeper into the comments to pick up on key areas they could improve on.

Andrew Dickinson, Jola CEO, commented, ‘Whilst I am pleased our overall approval score has remained high at 95%, I am disappointed, although not altogether surprised that our NPS score slipped a little. In 2020, we took on more new partners than ever before and revenues accelerated. Whilst headcount doesn’t track revenues, we still had to hire and train new staff remotely, and this brought significant challenges. Jola partners are generous in their feedback, and we have already acted to improve all areas of concern.’

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