The Channel in Retail

Jola partners with MSPs who manage IT for some of the UK’s major retail chains and supermarkets. They tell us the pandemic has had a major impact on retail, especially those categorised as ‘non-essential’. Some are predicting the popularity of online shopping, home delivery and click-and-collect will continue long after the lockdown.

Retailers are considering how their relationship with customers has been impacted by the COVID regulations. Suppliers have been re-thinking their in-store advertising and this has resulted in increased demand for digital signage.

Retailers are looking for digital marketing solutions which can be quickly and safely rolled out to hundreds of stores to tight deadlines.

“Jola has developed a unique Intelligent 4G solution which includes pre-configured intelligent routers and multi-network eSIMs, managed within a white-label portal. We have added safety and security measures, to prevent third-party access. Retailers using our solution have been delighted with our fast deployment, plug-and-play solutions, easily managed in a self-serve portal. MSPs have saved thousands of pounds on site surveys, set-up costs and data overage charges.” Lee Broxson, Jola’s CSO

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