Jola launches a new breed of intelligent 4G Router

Jola is the first to launch Robustel’s new R1520(G) intelligent 4G router to the channel. It is specifically designed to make global deployments simple and stress-free. Jola partners can order the new router from Mobile Manager with a choice of multi-network global roaming options. Each device will arrive with the Jola app installed, allowing auto-configuration.

‘MSPs managing global 4G roll outs face two major challenges. The first is LTE fragmentation as there are more than 70 radio bands used by mobile operators across the globe. No router works with them all but the EG25-G Quectel module in the R1520(G) works with the vast majority.

The second challenge is International certification. R1520(G) certification covers approximately 90% of global GDP.

The R1520(G) comes with both Smart Routing and Smart Reboot to significantly reduce the need for a site surveys and visits.” Adrian Sunderland CTO.

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