Webinars for a captive audience

In the current climate, many resellers are putting direct sales teams, who usually focus on attracting new business, on furlough leave. COVID-19 has stalled many projects, leaving employees with little to do. The only thing furloughed staff are allowed to do is train and Jola has come up with an innovative solution. They are training reseller sales teams on latest technologies and emerging opportunities, to prepare them for their return to work.

Andrew Dickinson, Jola’s Managing Director commented, “We usually run monthly webinars for partners, aimed at both sales and support teams, on our products and portals. We decided to introduce ‘new technology’ training webinars to educate the channel on new products and emerging opportunities. 209 sales people registered for our eSIM webinar, and over 160 attended. We launch our Direct Routing webinar next month.”

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