Channel partners rate Jola as a ‘great’ company to partner with

In recent years, Jola has asked partners just one question, “Would you recommend Jola?’ and consistently scored above 96%. This year Jola moved to a more traditional Net Promotor Score (NPS) format, asking partners to rate their answer from zero to ten. With an ‘above average’ response rate, Jola scored 61, which translates to a ‘Great’ NPS.

Andrew Dickinson, Jola’s Managing Director commented, “87% of partners gave us a score of 8 or higher, 49% gave us a 10. Many feel Jola is easy to deal with, a reliable company, with a good choice of products, exceptional pricing, an easy portal and excellent support. Most pleasing were the positive comments left by partners. We also received some great ideas for new products and product extensions.”

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