Three and Jola launch “Big Data” IOT SIMs

Jola, the channel’s mobile data specialist, adds Three “Big Data” IOT SIMs to their portfolio. Jola partners can now order up to 1TB of Three 4G data on rugged SIMs, which are available for use in devices located in the UK. Three’s 3G/4G Network has consistently been awarded The Best Network for Data*, and these SIMs provide real time usage, control, and business-grade unfiltered, unthrottled internet access.

Darren King, Head of Business Development and IoT at Three UK said’ “This is an exciting new partnership between Three and Jola. We anticipate significant growth in IoT data as Jola’s partners and customers take advantage of our high-quality, high-bandwidth data network and access to “Big Data” IoT plans.”

Lee Broxson, Jola’s Sales Director commented, “We are excited to have been chosen by Three to be the first wholesale provider for these new large data allowance services.  Our recent launch of Three multi-network roaming SIMs and the Jola Tariff Tool was well-received by our partner base.  These new big data packages meet the needs of heavy data users in the UK such as construction sites, rural broadband, retail and public transport.

*2018 Mobile Choice Consumer Awards

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