Jola targets mobile dealers with white-label JolaBilling

Mobile dealers are seeing a surge in demand but those operating on a commission basis with the networks are seeing financial rewards dimish, as more customers move to SIM-only, and legislation mitigates overage charges. Dealers also fear the risk of losing control of the relationship with their end users and recruiting prospects for suppliers to cross-sell into. Many want to switch to a resale model but are put off by the complexity and cost of billing systems. Jola has come up with a solution to this.

JolaBilling bureau is a fully managed white-label billing solution for JolaMobile packages, within the market-leading platform aBILLity™. Our billing platform can be programmed to invoice products and data can be pre-loaded. Our specialist team does the legwork for partners; managing ‘back office’ processes to ensure customers are billed correctly and processes run smoothly. The Jola system provides real-time analysis and fraud prevention with a data export facility to common accounts software.

Andrew Dickinson, MD Jola commented, “Jola is ready for the disruptive acceleration in mobile data adoption. We have completely automated the ordering, control and management of a wide range of 4G packages, Data Pools and Private APNs. Our systems manage and control vast estates of data SIMs, providing resellers with the tools to avoid bill shock completely. At only 0.85% of billed revenue, our white label billing solution is the most cost effective way to bill end users with JolaMobile products.”

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