Jola launches data buckets on Mobile Manager

Where data usage is unpredictable or seasonal, monthly pools do not meet the needs of the reseller. They either waste data or end up paying too much for it.

A bucket of data is a pool of data that can be used over a longer period of time. Data pools normally expire every month, whereas resellers can draw down from data buckets over a year or until the data has been consumed, whichever happens earlier.

Using Mobile Manager Jola partners can order buckets in 1TB increments and by drawing data from the buckets when required, resellers can avoid both wastage and overage charges.

Lee Broxson, Sales Director, Jola, commented, “We have built a unique 4G proposition on Mobile Manager consisting of SIMs, pools and buckets on all the major networks as well as multi-network, which can be tailored to meet exact requirements. We help partners to order data cost-effectively and to manage usage, avoiding overage charges. Supported by Jola, our partners are winning new business from global brands, across multiple verticals, deployed internationally.”

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