Jola is first to launch self-service mobile data pools

Large corporates are looking for bespoke 4G data solutions for a range of devices. They want a choice of mobile carrier, the ability to share data and no overage charges. Partners want the ability to control 4G assets without relying on third parties.

Jola has come up with a unique solution with self-service pooled data options on Mobile Manager. Partners select the type of data pool they require e.g. a Fixed Pool from 25GB to 10TB monthly data allowance, an Aggregated Pool which changes every time a SIM with data is added or removed and a Buffer Pool, which operates at an account level.

The dashboard shows how many SIMs are associated with each pool, the size of the pool and the monthly usage data. Alerts can be set up to communicate usage levels to partners and Pool Buffers can be added to reduce overage charges significantly.

Lee Broxson, Sales Director, Jola, commented, “We have a compelling proposition for telecoms and IT resellers with corporate clients buying 4G data. Our bespoke approach is saving resellers’ customers £2K per month, on average.

We have a wide range of SIMs and pools available on 30-day and 12-month terms which are easy to order and control in Mobile Manager. Supported by Jola, our partners are winning new business from global brands, across multiple verticals in the UK and Europe.”

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