Jola launches new SIP Management Portal

Without a portal, partners are reliant on third parties to make changes to their SIP Trunks, which can frustrate both the end user and the partner. At Jola, our stategy is to automate as much as possible and put the partner back in control of their assets. Jola has recently launched SIP Manager for channel partners to order and manage an estate of SIP Trunks.

The new SIP Manager portal allows partners to place new orders for SIP Trunks, UK and International phone numbers and number ports. Partners can make changes to SIP Trunks, phone numbers and ports, editing end user details such as 999 contact details and customer address details. Partners have full control to manage usage caps and fraud prevention rules, as well as emergency call forwarding rules. The portal generates call logs and allows partners to view real-time SIP logs and monitor existing SIP Trunks.

Adrian Sunderland, CTO, commented, “We now have management portals for all of our services. Our strategy is to develop low-touch software that puts our partners in control of their assets with minimal human intervention. This reduces errors and costs overall for both us and our partners. SIP Manager sits alongside Mobile Manager and our Partner Portal as essential tools our partners use every day.”

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