Jola employee invited to speak at the ZoHolics developers conference in California

Joseph Kirk shares our passion for automation. He designed our internal systems at Jola and developed our automated quoting and ordering tools for partners. He made it easy for partners to log-in, find information, run quotes and place orders.

When working on the partner-facing tools, he wanted to monitor usage using Google Analytics to get a clear picture of who was using our portal, what they were using it for and how long they were using it for. ZoHo, the company that provides the software said it couldn’t be done, but Joseph didn’t take no for an answer and made it work. ZoHo were so impressed, they invited him to speak at their ZoHolics developers conference in California.

We all so proud of him and have lots of ideas on how the new analytics data can be used to improve partner experience moving forwards.

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