Jola launches Fixed IP Failover SIMs

Catastrophic failure often effects multiple services going into a building, so a fixed line back-up to a primary internet connection has never been the best way to ensure business continuity. The alternative, mobile data, has been slow and expensive with only dynamic IP options on offer. Customers have had to estimate the amount of data used in the event of a primary failure and pay for it whether it is used or not.

Using their unique overage protection facility on Mobile Manager, Jola has launched an innovative solution to this problem. They are offering partners 1GB, Fixed IP Failover SIMs on a 12-month contract for only £12 per month. When the back-up solution is required, the SIM automatically increases the data allowance to 40GB, 100GB, 200GB, 300GB, 400GB or 500GB so partners are only paying for the larger SIM when they need it.

Lee Broxson, Sales Director Jola commented, “As the 4G network increases, so does the opportunity for 4G failover solutions. Our Fixed IP failover SIMs offer customers a significant cost saving, due to the unique way they are managed within Mobile Manager. We can detect usage on our SIMs and automatically trigger a bolt-on for the month in which the data was used and remove it again the following month, if it is not required.”

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