How will the recent changes in mobile legislation affect the channel?

On June 15th 2017 the EU introduced Roam Like at Home (RLAH), allowing EU residents to use their mobile allowances anywhere in the EU. This presents resellers with an opportunity to become trusted advisors and experts in mobile SIM management. The legislation covers the 28 members of the EU, however the networks have each created their own zones to include additional countries. Mobile users may still incur overages if they go over their allowances or breach Fair Usage Policies. They will often incur significant, out-of-bundle charges if they roam outside of these ‘Euro Zones’.

Whether you bundle airtime and handsets or are a SIM-only supplier, the removal of European roaming charges will have an impact. There are hundreds of thousands of UK-based business travellers within Europe at any given time, using mobile data for email, streaming video and voice. If they are not sure which countries are covered, customers may still leave their data roaming switched off for fear of excessive charges. Resellers can allay these fears by using Mobile Manager. Alerts can be established for when customers go over their data allowances and bolt-ons added to help avoid overages. They can even set the SIM to bar if it roams out-of-zone.

Jola’s Mobile Manager portal has been designed specifically for channel partners wanting to monitor usage and manage SIMs remotely, both at home and abroad.

“Our objective is to provide resellers with the widest range of mobile services at the best possible pricing, with unique monitoring, alerting and tariff management features. Mobile Manager is white label, so partners can brand it as their own and allow end users access as required.

The new legislation offers an obvious benefit to end users but also an opportunity for resellers to be able to track usage and provide alerts to help prevent unwanted out-of-bundle charges.” Lee Broxson, Sales Director, Jola.

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