Jola launches Premium Broadsoft seat

Jola, the cloud business communications supplier dedicated to the channel, has launched an offer on its JolaPhone Broadsoft platform that includes a Polycom handset, standard UK landline and UK mobile calls, hunt groups and features such as disaster recovery and hot-desking.

“The experience we have had at Griffin and the feedback right now is resellers want the pricing, security, robust infrastructure and mature processes of a big company but the responsiveness and attention of a small supplier – for whom all business is important. Jola Partners know that they can call us at any time and be dealt with immediately with decisions that stick. This JolaPhone offering is exactly what resellers have told us they want; a solid multi-homed Broadsoft platform and a seat that includes calls and a handset. We have Premium Broadsoft licences, which means Premium features at no extra cost. There are also a host of well-priced upgrades. Features like call recording are charged for on the basis of a flat rate per extension, regardless of the storage used.

Jola Partners get the benefit of access to extremely well-priced connectivity options from all the major carriers plus our experience in designing reliable and cost effective solutions with project managed delivery and experienced technical support. We offer free training and we focus on helping Partners identify and close opportunities.” Andrew Dickinson, MD, Jola.

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