Jola launches automated quoting tool for dealers

Jola is not another telecoms reseller protecting a base of traditional telephone systems and legacy leased lines. Coming up on their 1st birthday Jola was born in the cloud and every process in their business operates from the cloud. Their Broadsoft platform is the #1 hosted platform in the world and in only 6 months they have become one of the leading suppliers of Broadsoft licences through the channel.

Andrew Dickinson MD commented; “We have no base of calls and lines to protect and no leased circuits coming out of contract at 20% of the margin they went in at. This means we can be disruptive and we offer Premium Broadsoft licences with voicemail, SIP trunk, call queue, auto-attendant, UK landline calls and UK mobile calls for one low monthly rental.”

Jola is launching their automated quotation tool for dealers this week. They say it is simple to use and delivers the best prices for Ethernet Leased Lines of all types within minutes. The quotation tool is only available to Jola Partners and shows Jola’s costs for various speeds and Ethernet types.

Lee Broxson, Jola’s Sales Director continues;

“Ultimately the dealer decides the price to their customer and we share the recurring margin 50/50. The same with all our products, they set the price and we automatically pay them half the margin – every month. We offer as much assistance in sales and marketing as needed and we will never compete with our Partners. We also handle billing, commissions and 24/7 support.”

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