Jola runs next generation technology workshops

Recent surveys suggest that next generation Ethernet and Cloud Telephony are two of the fastest growing technologies in the UK at the moment. Jola, an exceptional business communication supplier to UK SMEs, is at the forefront of this wave. The company is running technology workshops to explain the rise in demand and how IT suppliers can benefit.

Research recently published by TalkTalk Business suggests that 59% of small businesses are unhappy with their broadband provider, half feel they are not getting value for money and 20% are looking to make a change. Further research highlighted an opportunity for IT support companies to upgrade their SME customers away from broadband and to more reliable, dedicated next generation leased lines at the fraction of the cost of a traditional leased line.

Andrew Dickinson, MD of Jola commented; “We are experiencing great success selling new technologies into the SME market via IT support companies. They are viewed as trusted advisors by their customers and will often follow their advice on connectivity. This is giving them valuable recurring revenue and new opportunities to sell their core products. We are putting on technology workshops to demonstrate the technology in action and to share our tried and tested New Revenue Generator process for qualifying and converting customers.

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