Jola helps SMEs upgrade their Internet with Government vouchers

A recent survey ran by Swan Independent Research suggested that 85% UK SMEs are content with their broadband connection for accessing email and surfing the web, however another VMWare survey found that UK SMEs are far behind the rest of Europe in adopting cloud-based applications.

It seems that fears around speed, reliability and security of connectivity are at the heart of this inertia.

Averaging around £500 per month, traditional business leased lines are beyond the budgets of most SMEs and consequently they have to make do with broadband. Jola is hoping to change all this with secure, reliable, high-speed dedicated leased lines for less than £200 a month. Vouchers of up to £3000 issued by the Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher’s Scheme are also available in some postcodes to help fund the upgrade.

Andrew Dickinson, MD explains, “Jola can upgrade your broadband connection to a secure, dedicated leased line to fix the problem of slow, unreliable insecure connectivity. If you are located in one of the 22 cities participating in the Government’s Broadband Connection scheme and meet their criteria we can also help you to claim up to £3000 off the installation cost. In addition we are offering SMEs free communications audits and recommending ways to save money and improve productivity.”

The Government’s voucher scheme runs until April 2015 in 22 cities around the UK including Cambridge, Derby and Nottingham. To find out if you are eligible visit

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