Best unlimited deal on Vodafone SIMs for local business

According to a recent survey published by the BBC, Britons spend more time using smartphones and accessing the internet than they do sleeping. They reported that we are spending over £2 billion pounds a year upgrading to the latest handsets with the average user upgrading every two years. The average life of a handset is much longer so it will come as no surprise that bosses are looking at ways of retaining handsets for longer to avoid the ever-increasing staff mobile bill.

To help UK businesses Jola has launched a SIM-only deal allowing staff to retain their existing handsets and numbers on a 30 day rolling contract.

Andrew Dickinson, MD at Jola commented, “We have just launched what we think is the best unlimited Vodafone SIM deal in the market. We are offering unlimited UK and landline calls, unlimited texts, 10GB data and 1000 non-geographic numbers for £24 a month until the end of December. Customers are not locked into long-term contracts so they can add and remove employees without incurring penalties.”

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