PSTN Replacement

Lift Lines

To replace the phone line inside the lift, the PSTN replacement needs to be compatible with the mechanisms that are currently in place, to avoid costly updates to existing hardware and machinery within the lift. The emergency call button must also have a reliable connection.

Jola Partners can offer their customers a reliable and cost-effective solution, that is easy to deploy and managed by one supplier.

The Jola Solution

Using an intelligent 4G router, with in-built FXS, port and dual SIM capabilities, calls can be made over GSM. A 500MB Multinet SIM, with voice capabilities is used to ensure there is a reliable connection. In the event of a power outage, there is an integrated UPS inside the lift to power the cellular device.

The solution is both cost-effective and easy to install as well as reliable.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

There are 13,000 existing PSTN connections used for intruder and fire alarm monitoring.

With the PSTN network switch-off pending, companies that provide these services need a solution that will meet certain standards and offer resilience.

Jola Partners can support these businesses with a smooth transition, avoiding any interruption to the services they offer.

Jola Solution

The Jola solution combines a dual SIM intelligent 4G router and dual Multinet SIMs (Three Multinet and eSIM Multinet). A 500MB aggregated pool of data is shared across all sites, with a private APN for secure remote access.

Jola designed a solution that exceeds the original security standards and is both future proof and resilient. By using automated, intelligent routers there is no need for expensive engineering costs and the solution can be deployed quickly.

The monthly costs are lower than the existing PSTN connection, with high margin opportunities.

Taxi Call Points

There are analogue call points across the NHS, hotels and hospitality venues. Currently using PSTN, there are challenges installing new power supplies and upfront hardware costs to completely replace old with new.

Jola Solution

Working with our Partners, Jola can provide a one-stop solution with a package that includes all hardware and SIP services. Using intelligent 4G routers with ATA (Analogue Telephone Converter), SIP overlay services and calls over IP, there is no need for new power supply installations, saving the end-user both time and money.

PSTN lines are replaced with a cost-effective and easy to install solution via a single supplier.

Small Businesses

High street businesses across the UK are reviewing their options to move from a PSTN line to a digital alternative, to ensure a smooth transition when the PSTN switch-off takes place.

Jola Partners can offer a complete solution, with a single supplier, to deliver an entire network upgrade that is cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Jola Solution

The Jola solution offers a cost-effective PSTN replacement that includes a SIP Trunk, Voice Channels and UK Geographic numbers. It allows partners to offer a competitive price point to small businesses. The solution works with any Fibre or Broadband service.

Jola Partners can work with these venues to replace the current system with a cost-effective solution.


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