Performance Monitoring


Jola Partner, Purrmetrix, provide technology and solutions to measure building performance, monitoring air quality, heat loss, ventilation and damp risk. The drive for safer workplaces post COVID and more energy efficient homes has increased demand for building performance monitoring across the UK. Purrmetrix required a reliable solution from Jola that could meet the growing demand of their customer base.

The Solution

Jola proposed eSIMs, embedded in Purrmetrix GSM gateway for flexibility and more reliable coverage, to avoid any loss of data capture across different monitoring devices. Access to Mobile Manager, an online management portal for ordering and managing estates of SIMs and eSIMs, allows Purrmetrix to manage hundreds of devices out in the field.


Jola was able to offer Purrmetrix a reliable and scalable solution, to ensure that the hundreds of monitoring devices under their management are always connected to the best available network.

A comment from Hermione Crease, Director at Purrmetrix “Our customers now have a solution from Jola which is simple to install and where they do not have to worry about connectivity or data quality. So they can focus on taking action based on the data we present to get to the results they want.”


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