We partner with specialist Internet Service Providers for universities, private sector student accommodation providers, residential apartment developers and businesses. One of our ISPs provides services to over 160,000 customers across hundreds of sites in the UK and Europe.

They were looking for a cost-effective 4G back-up solution for primary circuits. If any of their primary circuits failed, they wanted 4G to kick in to provide a seamless service, without being hit by large data overage charges. They also needed the ability to share 4G data in the same way they shared bandwidth on primary circuits.


Jola proposed 20GB multi-network roaming SIMs with a data pool. If the strongest 4G signal dropped the multi-network SIM would roam to the next strongest signal. We launched a private APN to be able to allocate IP addresses to our data SIMs and allow partners to manage users on their own core network.


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