European MSP

We work with European MSPs with offices in the UK and all over Europe. They provide high-quality, resilient, cost-effective broadband networks and digital media solutions. Our MSPs service some of the world’s biggest brands in multiple sectors and countries.

One of our MSPs offers 4G back-up solutions to petrol stations across Europe. SD-WAN networks were created to provide secure, private networks to carry financial transactions over IP from multiple PoS systems within the petrol stations, such as coffee stations and tills.

They had a number of challenges managing the 4G back-up. Firstly, they had to deal with multiple in-country suppliers individually. Ordering was manual and there was a lack of visibility across the SIM estate. They had no direct control over any SIM asset and could not aggregate data across countries, therefore experienced regular overage charges costing the company tens of thousands of pounds each time.


Jola proposed 500MB multi-network EU roaming SIMs and an aggregated pool which totalled 2.4TB across 4800 sites in 8 European countries. Our multi-network SIMs connect to the strongest available signal and retain connectivity in the event of a carrier failure. Using Mobile Manager, The MSP is able to order new SIMs and pools, add SIMs to pools, set up alerts and monitor the pool. If any site fails, they have a 2.4TB data pool to draw from.

This solution has eliminated overage charges completely. There is only one supplier to contract with and a single portal for ordering and management of the entire SIM estate.


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