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JolaPhone is a hosted business telephone system built on the world’s leading cloud voice platform. We provide handsets, phone extensions, advanced call features and inclusive call packages. JolaPhone also has a range of bolt-ons including call recording, call analytics and screen collaboration. With JolaPhone you don’t need a physical telephone system in your office or traditional telephone lines anymore.

JolaPhone Bundles

Our bundles come with a Premium Broadsoft licence and 45 features including Auto Attendant, busy lamp fields, Office UC (Instant Messaging, Presence and video), Go Integrator, shared call appearance (up to 30 devices), voicemail, call forwarding, redial, DND, call pickup, hunt groups, hot-desking, call waiting and music on hold.

JolaPhone 301

  • Polycom VVX 301 handset
  • Premium Broadsoft licence
  • Unlimited standard UK mobile and landline calls
  • 36-month contract

JolaPhone 411

  • Polycom VVX 411 handset
  • Premium Broadsoft licence
  • Unlimited standard UK mobile and landline calls
  • 36-month contract

JolaPhone 601

  • Polycom VVX 601 handset
  • Premium Broadsoft licence
  • Unlimited standard UK mobile and landline calls
  • 36-month contract


Companies can add bolt-ons to their JolaPhone system, usually on a per month and per extension basis. SMEs of any size can tailor their system to meet the exact needs of their business with features previously only affordable by large enterprises.

Choose from:

  • UC Team (Screen collaboration and conference bridge)
  • Call recording
  • Receptionist console
  • Go Integrator (CRM Connect) - integrates with common CRM packages
  • New numbers
  • Number porting
  • Call reporting and real-time statistics

The benefits of JolaPhone

  • Fixed monthly rentals per extension
  • Latest handsets available
  • Disaster recovery
  • Advanced features as standard
  • Retain number ranges
  • Work remotely as if in the office

Office UC

UC Office provides Instant Messaging, Presence and Video across mainstream mobile, tablet and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.  UC Team is the upgrade which includes screen collaboration and a conference bridge. The Skype for Business Plug-in enables you to use the same features and functionality when calling Skype for Business users.

The benefits of Office UC

  • Quickly identify which members of the team are available
  • Choose contacts from the directory and make voice and video calls
  • Choose to call from the app or call from your desk phone
  • Send Instant Messages

The benefits of UC Team

  • Set up a conference bridge
  • Share your screen with available colleagues

Skype for Business Plug-in

The Skype for Business Plug-in is a desktop application that works with both Office UC and UC Team, providing users with enhanced Microsoft Instant Messaging and Presence capabilities, by overlaying JolaPhone core functionality which includes, voice and video.

The benefits of the Skype for Business Plug-in

  • Contact both JolaPhone and Skype for Business users from one application.
  • View accurate presence for all JolaPhone and Skype for Business users in one application.
  • Increase productivity by initiating calls via common applications.

Go Integrator

Go Integrator is unified communications software which integrates common desktop software with JolaPhone. You can link callers to personal contacts and use your mouse to manage calls. Go Integrator (CRM Connect) comes with all the functionality of Go Integrator plus the ability to integrate with CRM systems.

The benefits of Go Integrator

  • Manage calls by clicking the mouse
  • View customer records as they dial-in
  • See who is calling before you answer
  • View call history and click to redial
  • Make calls using integrated applications

The benefits of Go Integrator (CRM Connect)

  • Links with common CRM systems allowing you to ‘pop’ stored customer data
  • Custom integration available if you use a different CRM system
  • Integration with Lync so other Lync users can see who is on the phone


The iCall Suite provides a web-based reporting package that allows users to run and email reports on all aspects of calls made, attempted calls, received calls and missed calls.  Likewise it enables this call data to be presented in live visual Wallboards.

The benefits of iCall

  • View call statistics in real-time
  • Customise report formats and wallboard tiles to match your requirements
  • Review historical call analytics to track trends and plan cover

The benefits of iCall Premier

  • View live call waiting in business statistics by DDI
  • View live call waiting for calls by DDI
  • Show agent availability

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